Rewind It / Short Stories - 2 Disc Set


The Essentials


The Gift... The Jesse Mays Project - The Jesse Mays Project

A Touch Of Class - A Touch by Stan Barnes

Where I Belong by Stan Barnes - A Place Where Music and Innovation Meet... An interesting blend of Musical ideas...

Comfort Zone - Fun and exciting, with a touch of Jazz

A fine combination of Pop, Jazz, R&B. This is an Excellent Choice... You are going to enjoy it !...There is something different for everyone.

Stan Barnes Comfort Zone

Take My Time...

Stan Barnes: Take My Time

Hold On - Music to Live by... Stan Barnes

Stan Barnes: Hold On

"Missing You"... A Special Song about Loss...

Sometimes when we miss those that we love, the pain and sorrow and love is so great, that words are not able to express how deeply we feel... Please listen as Stan expresses his Pain, Loss, Sorrow and Love... You may find that he is expressing the same emotions that you too are feeling. "Missing You"... When words just aren't enough...

Stan Barnes: Just Ahead

Just Ahead - Designed to help you hold on...

The Best Collection of Instrumentals that Combine, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Classical, and even Rap, Put in a Melting Pot of Great Music. This is an Excellent Choice... You Can just put it end and go for the Musical Journey. You are going to Love it !...

Stan Barnes: Just Ahead

Better Days - ...are just ahead...

Stan has done it again! Just when you get tired of the everyday approach to music, Stan has given us another blend of Jazz and Dance... "Janze"... Better Days is Good Music Done Great... "I Love Jazz, but I also like to groove... Thanks To Stan, I can do both"... "The Title Track "Better Days" is my Favorite... "I really get into the Song that he produced with his Brother Joe on it... Joe has an exceptional Voice and the song makes me think... It's called "When We Get There"...

Stan Barnes: Better Days

The Next Level - A Continuous Step in the Right Direction Musically...

You have got to Check this CD out... The Versatility is Exceptional... And The Vision is Unquestionalble... "I Really Appreciate Stan's approach"... "He is unafraid of blending genres"... "Track #11 is my Favorite"... "Finally something I can listen or dance to, all without changing CDs"...

Stan Barnes: The Next Level

You are going to Absolutely Love Stan's CD "The Next Level" It's Fun and Exciting He brings a fresh and unique approach to Jazz and Dance; Cross over into his New Style He has successfully began a new Crave in the Music Industry. Listen to Track 11

The Way You Make Me Feel - CD

You have got to check this one out... You are going to Love and I do mean Love this one... It has something on it for everyone!!! And the Remakes are Awesome..


I Am Going To Be A Mommy Soon! - by Author Brenda Barnes



"Playing With My Friends" - Dual Disc CD

This Dual Disc CD has a wonderful arrangement of Selections Featuring the Long Awaited "Sarah Smile" ..."DeJa Vu"... "Gone Too Soon"... "Come Chill With Me"... and Many, more. You're going to love this one...

G522 The Fruits - CD

The Concept of this Project is Excellent... It is a nice break from the Ordinary...
Stan Barnes: G 522 The Fruits

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