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"Stan Barnes & Friends Live in Concert" has been deemed by concert-goers and the media alike as "The concert that you don't want to miss."  Come out and enjoy great music in a pristine setting and witness why thousands of people can't be wrong.  More than just music, it's an effort to give our audience a break from the stresses of life.  This is an exhilarating performance that leaves you wanting more.  Don't miss your opportunity to experience musical excellence in a wholesome, stress-free setting where class and elegance meet in a wonderful array of talent.   Stan Barnes and Friends will satisfy your musical appreciation and deliver an Entertainment package that won't soon be forgotten!"


p.s.  Stan Barnes and Friends would like to offer our sincerest apology to any individuals  that were unable to attend the 2018 Concert due to there being no seats available or other reasons.  We have adjusted matters to assure that no guest is left behind, and so that everyone has the opportunity to be present.  

Also, very important!

If you really want to attend but are realizing that due to some recent unfortunate unforeseen situations or events in your life or your family's life it is financially challenging.  Please contact Brenda Barnes at 248-660-3064.  


We are standing by and want to assist.  We are working toward our goal of being able to accommodate everyone if possible. 

Stan and Brenda

The Remembering the Good Ol' Days Concert will be held October 25th at the Millennium Centre of Southfield 7:00pm... Details to be released shortly.



Stan's CD... "Where I Belong" is A Place Where Music and Innovation Meet... An interesting blend of Musical ideas...

An interesting approach to familiar genres... What makes this music innovative is its ability to blend styles and ideas in a way that keeps you guessing. There is something in every song that gives you a familiar vibe, while at the same time, challenging you to accept something a little out of the norm... Music is meant to be shared, so please find a song that you like or that you think a friend or loved one will like or appreciate it and then turn him on to something new and different. This is not the every day commercial album.   

"Hold On" and Comfort Zone were  released at his past concerts as well. There is always a mixed ensemble of musical styles and genres in Stan's music.  Something for Everyone.  Please find at least 1 song that you like and pass it on.  Sharing is one of the greatest abilities we have. 

Medium Jazz, R&B, Smooth Jazz and Jazz on the Cutting Edge along with Up-Tempo Dance Music that just makes you tap your feet and want to move... Please get your Copy... It's another great endeavor at making great music...  "Wholesome Music in a Stress Free Environment... The message is clear and encouraging.  Please enjoy...

Also, Stan is constantly working on new and exciting ideas for music.  Keep on the lookout for his 2016 Project.   It will prove to be a well done project as he works with other Musicians to bring a different approach to sound and music. 


You are going to absolutely Love Stan's CD... It is entitled "Just Ahead" and is proving to be the next step in Stan's Musical Journey.  "It is fun and exciting all at the same time". said one listener.  "I love the way he sends musical messages that are based on encouragement, as you know, we all need it"... 

Please join us and take a listen... It's coming soon...!!!

Stan had the distinct honor and privilege to perform for his Little Brother and Little Sister Chris and Kymberly...  On June 6, 2012, Stan played from the Heart for Their Wonderful Day...  "In one word... It was absolutely...BEAUTIFUL..." 

Don't Miss Stan Barnes and Friends Live for a Special Showing at The Charles H. Wright African American Museum... They will be performing a Powerful Concert from 5 - 6:30 PM... This is a Pilot of More to Come...





You have got to hear the Title Track "The Way You Make Me Feel"... And you are going to Love his New Song "I Came 2 Play" And just wait till you hear his remakes "Don't Change" and "Baby Be Mine"...
We have many upcoming projects... If any are interested in Sponsoring or Investing, please contact Brenda Barnes 248 660-3064 for Details...
Stan Barnes and Friends will be performing their Annual Concert at the Millennium Centre of Southfield... This has been deemed the Concert that you don't want to miss...
Stan Barnes and Friends Live in Concert is the Annual Concert that is sure to satisfy your musical taste. Come out and enjoy wonderful Music, in a Stress-Free environment. We aim to please
Stan Barnes and Friends will be performing several Times for the City of Southfield.
On February 17th 2008, Stan Barnes and Friends will be performing at the Southfield Pavilion for the Fun Fest...
Stan was invited to Perform for the International Detroit Auto Show... It will be Friday January 18th at 9:00 PM. It is for the Black Tie Affair on the 2nd Floor of the Ren Cen.
Stan Barnes and Friends... The Concert was a Huge Success... It was held on November 10, 2007 at the Millennium Center of Southfield... This years theme was Treating You Like Kings and Queens...
The long awaited DVD entitled Stan Barnes and Friends Live in Concert is now available. This Concert was deemed " The Concert not to miss" The goal for this concert was and will be for future concerts, to set aside one evening out of life's ups and downs and then to provide wholesome entertainment in a stress-free enviroment. You'll find a variety of musical taste and styles blended together in a mixture of musical satisfaction, wrapped up in a setting of elegance and class. This is a DVD that you will want to add to your concert collections.
The Next Project, CD #3 is Entitled... "Playing With My Friends"... This project is already starting out great. The sound and the musicians performing will give you a wonderful, delightful change to the music scene. This is going to be so fun!!!
Stan Barnes and Friends at the Millennium Centre, was a huge success. There was a wonderful lineup, this was truly the concert you didn't want to miss.
Thank you for your support. G522 The Fruits is complete and available. It features Michael Poole on Bass, Candace Campbell on Piano, Kenyetta Walter on Vocals, Kimberly Grice on Vocals and "My Baby Girl on backgroud Vocals" It will be available at our Upcoming Concert.
Stan Performed a beautiful mixed arrangement of wonderful selections for this most beautiful Wedding Gathering.
Stan Performed with musical group "A Cut Above" This show was Sensational, Video Clips to follow.
August 13th 2006... Stan did a brief Impromptu Performance for the Children at the Great Lakes Burn Camp.
Stan Performed with Freestyle at the Marygrove College Campus to a Hawaiian Style Luau.
Stan Barnes will be heading up a Donation to the Great Lakes Children's Burn Camp... This is scheduled to take place at The Farmington Hills Fire Department Awards Banquet. This will take place on Friday, January 13, 2006 after 6.pm
Stan is Half way through completing his next CD, we haven't got a Title as of Yet. But maybe you can help... E-Mail us with your ideas at stanleyb99@hotmail.com
Stan Barnes is currently working on a short project for his Family and Friends... Its Called "G225 The Fruits" Its a 9 Song Project that will be based on the 9 Fruits. It if very close to being completed.

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