The Next Level

by Stan Barnes

Released 2010
Released 2010
You are going to Absolutely Love Stan's New CD "The Next Level" It's Fun and Exciting He brings a fresh and unique approach to Jazz and Dance; Cross over into his New Style He has successfully began a new Crave in the Music Industry. Listen to Track 11
Stan Barnes New CD “The Next Level” is just that, music on a refreshingly different level. While you sit back and hear something that takes you down a path of musical anticipation… You will quickly learn that the path can change directions and take you right along with it… You will appreciate his fearless outlook when it comes to making music. He is not afraid to cross genres in an effort to expose you to another way of listening. The rules of musical enjoyment are changing each year, and for some, each song… There are new styles and genres springing up left and right, and sometimes a combination of a few. Well Stan’s CD “The Next Level” gives you the diversity that you need interwoven in a fresh delivery. You will really enjoy the variety in the journey that each song takes you on. “It is simply incredible“… I Love the song entitled “Feeling The Groove - it just makes me want to dance”… “I appreciate the change of direction in his Philosophy in approaching the creation of Music”… The Title Track The Next Level is the epitome of great music and style all rolled up in one song… “I love the vocal arrangements, they give an unexpected twist to an already wonderful project“.

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