The Way You Make Me Feel

by Stan Barnes

Released 2009
Released 2009
Highly Energetic, Intense yet Smooth, An Innovative Approach that Distinguishes His Sound and Unique Expression. Put it on and take the Musical Journey. He's Not Your Typical Musician...
Stan’s New CD… “The Way You Make Me Feel”… has music lovers once again excited. His approach to this compilation offers the hope that the Music Industry has long awaited. Stan is a highly energetic performer and entertainer that is not afraid to mix genres and styles to deliver great music to his listeners. His interpretation of the different styles of music through the years has grown into a respected artistic expression of sound and styles all of his own. You are absolutely going to love this CD… I was skeptical at first but then when I put it in and listened to the Entire CD, I was blown away!!! Song after Song offered a different sound that touched me in a different way. As soon as I heard the song entitled… “Just Can’t Stay Away”… I was taken away, that song builds and builds into a very excited climax…The title track… “The Way You Make Me Feel” is all that and more. The Sax Flows through a melody that rides on top of a background line that pushes the song deeper and deeper into the palate of your ear. It is extraordinary. Stan is also a great cover artist… I really enjoyed his remake of the track “Don’t Change” I can listen to that song all day. His ability to cover a song and give it a new identity while still staying true to the original expression and intention of the artist’s statement is astounding… This is never more seen than when listening to “Baby Be Mine”… Over all this is a great project that will add to your musical appreciation and repertoire of good musical selections to choose from...

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